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To Die For

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil nor Rain or Alice no matter how much I wish I did.

Rating: NC-17

Warning: This story is pure smut and does contain girl on girl action so beware!

Summary: There isn’t much of a plot, just plenty of action.

Author’s Notes: It seems I’m a sucker for couples in which one of the pair dies far too soon so here we go again. Oh, and I guess this must be AU because Rain’s meant to be dead isn’t she. And as for the title… just thought I’d toss in a little irony there.

Feedback: A whopping great big yes! It’s what makes the world go round and I’d very much appreciate it. Pretty please?

To Die For

Freedom was a feeling she’d always taken for granted before and she vowed she’d never do that again. The cloudy sky was a welcome sight and, even though it looked like it would rain, she was so very glad to see it.

Alice leaned heavily against the cold brick of the building they’d emerged from, having escaped the horrors of The Hive. Her aching muscles relaxed as she took in the relieved expressions of her companions. The moral and strong willed Matt shuffled forwards, taking in a deep breath. Alice’s eyes rested upon the tired form of the female Umbrella Corp commando, Rain. Her dark eyes darted back and forth, her skin returning to its usual tanned shade. The young woman looked a little overwhelmed but Alice couldn’t blame her, she had just almost joined the ranks of the walking dead beneath Racoon City and seen her commando team slaughtered. She at least deserved some time to have a good freak out session. But Rain didn’t lose her cool; she just stood beside Alice and assessed her surroundings. This woman amazed Alice.

Alice pushed of the wall of the mansion that had served as the emergency entrance to The Hive. She laid a hand gently on Rain’s upper arm, giving her a reassuring look. She then walked forward to join Matt who looked as if he might start laughing at any minute, either that or he’d cry. “You okay?” She tentatively asked.

He looked at her with a shocked expression, as if he’d forgotten she was there. “Uh, yeah… It’s just… I was so sure I would die.” His jaw shook as he attempted to keep his emotions in check.

Alice nodded, completely understanding. “We should head into town. I don’t think any of us wants to stay here longer than necessary.” She suggested, glancing back at Rain who nodded her affirmation.

With a small shudder, Matt turned to Alice. “Yeah, then I can get this to the proper authorities.” He said motioning to the heavy metal case he was carrying. Hopefully those ‘proper authorities’ would be able to deal with the horrors beneath the city and not cope as the Umbrella Corp team had. Anger rose within Alice. Umbrella had a lot to answer for.

The trio found a jeep and Alice drove them all into Raccoon City, the normality of it seeming slightly surreal after what they had just been through. The journey into the city was uneventful and everyone kept silent, lost within their own thoughts. Alice pulled up outside a fairly large motel and Matt jumped out the vehicle saying he would deal with the money and procuring their rooms. He returned about ten minutes later, waving two sets of keys at them. He handed the pair a set of keys each.

“There you go ladies, a room each. Shall we meet up for breakfast in the morning? I need to go and make a few calls now.” He said, pulling the metal case from the back seat.

Alice nodded. “Around ten? In the café across the street.” She pointed to the quaint coffee shop squashed between two clothes stores. Matt nodded and moved away, shooting the two young women a smile as he did so. Alice sighed, glad to be around people again, living people. She watched as the city’s citizens milled around outside shops and buildings, going about their everyday business.

“I’m going to head off to my room.” Came Rain’s voice. Alice turned, seeing that the dark haired woman had exited the jeep and was moving around the front of the vehicle. “I’m in room 107 if you need me.” As she spoke those words, a spark of emotion was lit inside Alice and she became acutely aware of her presence. The strong arms, the graceful neck, the defined cheekbones, and the full lips. They were all drawing Alice closer, urging her to touch the commando yet she didn’t give in to her yearning, instead watching the dark haired woman walk away from her. Her eyes lingered over Rain’s small firm ass and she felt a want rise up inside her.

Shaking the feeling from her mind, Alice locked the jeep and made her way to her own motel room, 102. Quickly letting herself inside, she closed and locked the door, falling onto the bed. The bed was large and easily big enough for two and Alice was glad for this, she wanted very much to spread herself out and bathe herself in luxury for a while. Reluctantly, she pulled herself from the bed and moved to the adjoining bathroom. She ran the water of the shower, the action bringing back recent memories. She tried not to concentrate on them as water sprayed down upon her naked body, cleansing her aching skin. She ran her hands through wet blonde hair, enjoying the feeling of the water on her face.

She vaguely heard the sound of a knock on her door and she turned the shower off, reaching for a towel. She wondered if Matt had come with news about his phone calls. She wrapped the towel around her slender body and padded through to the main room. She unlocked the door and pulled it open slightly so she could peer through the crack. Rain stood there, looking a lot more refreshed, clean and slightly anxious. Alice mused what could possibly put the normally cool, collected commando on edge.

“Mind if I, uh, come in?” Rain asked, her voice small.

Alice shook her head and opened the door wider, allowing the commando to slip through. She closed and locked the door again, turning to face Rain, feeling slightly vulnerable in her towel. “What’s up?” She asked.

Rain peered around the room and settled her eyes on anything but Alice. “Funny thing really.” She laughed nervously. “I didn’t want to…” She trailed off and finally looked into Alice’s eyes. “Aw shit… I didn’t want to be alone. There, I said it!”

Something inside Alice was saddened to see Rain so scared but another part was just happy that she was the one that could offer comfort. She became slightly more aware of her state of undress and began to move to the bathroom. “I’ll just go get dressed and then we can talk.”

Rain smirked, a mischievous glint in her dark eyes. “You look good in a towel. You should consider wearing one more often.” She chuckled lightly at Alice’s slight blush.

Alice moved closer to Rain. “Really?” She finally managed, her pulse raised a notch, and she could feel the heat rising within her.

The dark haired commando nodded, urged forward by the look of want in the other woman’s eyes. Her own eyes roamed the curves of Alice’s body hungrily, wanting to see more but the towel prohibited it. She reached out and grabbed Alice’s shoulder with a firm but surprisingly soft hand, pulling the other woman closer so their bodies were touching. “I remember you saying something about a kiss.” Her voice had dropped to a low husky purr.

Alice swallowed the small lump that had appeared in her throat and Rain’s intoxicating smell and touch was filling her senses. “And I remember you saying something about getting laid.” She countered, her voice almost a growl.

She felt the grasp on her shoulder tighten and she was pulled closer to the lithe body in front of her. Full lips were pressed against her own and electricity shot through her body at the touch. The kiss was fuelled by passion and desire and before long, Alice parted her lips to allow Rain’s soft probing tongue entry.

The commando explored the warm recesses of the blonde’s mouth, tasting her sweetness. She brought her other hand up to rest at the small of Alice’s back, pulling her in further so their hips pressed firmly against one another’s. She led the blonde backwards, feeling the mattress of the bed on the back of her legs. Alice’s hands smoothed up over Rain’s bare arms and to her shirt, which she removed quickly with ease. She tossed the garment aside, breaking their kiss to gaze down on smooth bronze skin. She couldn’t resist it and she ducked her head to kiss the sensitive skin at the commando’s collarbone. Rain let out a low moan, causing a flood of molten desire to shoot down Alice’s body and in between her legs.

Alice pushed Rain forcefully onto the bed, her need taking over. The dark haired woman fell onto her back, surprised at the move but pleasantly so. A seductive smile pushed at her lips and she devoured the blonde with her eyes. Without a thought, Alice let the towel fall to the floor and she climbed onto the bed, straddling the commando’s hips.

Rain took in the beautiful sight above her. Her dark eyes wandered down to the swell of Alice’s breasts, down over rosy peaks erect with want, down over a flat stomach and hovered over the shock of golden curls she wanted so much to feel. She looked back up into the face of the blonde, leaning up to mesh their lips together once again, their tongues meeting in a fiery dance.

The nerves in Alice’s body screamed with the contact as she pressed her breasts against Rain’s. Her exposed flesh was burning and she craved release. She gasped as Rain bucked her hips and rolled the pair over so their positions were reversed. Her hands wandered down to the belt of Rain’s trousers and expertly unbuckled it before moving onto the button and zipper. Soon, Rain was stepping out of the clothing and they lay naked against one another, kissing deeply.

Rain lay a trail of hot kisses down over Alice’s jaw, to her neck, and over the blonde’s peaks. She let out a moan as she felt Alice’s thigh slip in between her own and press up against her heated centre. She took a pert nipple in between her lips in response, eliciting a gasp from the blonde. She ran her tongue around the nub whilst she brought a hand up to knead the unattended breast. Alice groaned in pleasure and pressed harder up against Rain, causing the commando’s wetness to seep across the blonde’s thigh.

Alice was unable to process rational thought of any kind as Rain pleasurably assaulted her breasts, touching her in all the right places but she still needed more. “Rain…” She breathed. “Please… I need…” She found it extremely hard to speak.

The dark haired woman sensed her need and brushed her fingers from Alice’s breast down over her stomach and into blonde curls. She sucked hard on the other woman’s nipple, taking as much of the breast into her mouth as she could. Alice was squirming under her now, needing the contact that Rain was so close to giving. She pressed her fingers against the blonde’s slick outer lips, causing Alice to moan loudly. She ground her own mound against Alice’s supple thigh, feeling the desire in her rise.

Alice parted her legs wider as she let out a gasp and another long moan as Rain brushed against her clit, flicking the swollen nub lightly. “Please…” Alice begged, needing even more.

“Let me hear you say it.” Rain growled, not giving the blonde what she wanted.

Alice panted hard, fighting to form a coherent sentence. The commando’s ministrations were overpowering her mind. “Oh god… Rain…” She moaned again as Rain teased her opening. “Fuck me Rain! Please fuck me!” She whimpered.

Rain smirked as she heard the words before finally thrusting two fingers into the warm wet opening. Alice let out a gasp, her hips bucking and continuing in a circular motion as Rain set a fast rhythm. The commando moved her pelvis against Alice’s leg in a hard and fast pace, her juices covering the blonde’s skin.

Her breath came in short ragged gasps and the movement of her hips were becoming erratic and Alice could feel her release building quickly. “God, Rain… Yes!” She encouraged as the commando continued to pump in and out.

Rain felt the blonde’s inner walls constrict around her fingers and she knew she would climax shortly as well. As she added a third finger, she focused her thumb on the little bundle of nerves, circling around the clit. Alice’s breath hitched as her hips jolted upwards and shudders wracked her body, her muscles clenching around Rain’s fingers and holding onto them. “Raaaaaiiiiinnnn.” She cried out as she rode the waves of pleasure.

The quick jolt in movement caused Alice’s leg to push up hard into Rain’s pussy, tipping her over the edge and she moaned incoherently as a strong orgasm rocked her body. She bit down into the creamy skin of Alice’s shoulder, stilling her hand and fingers that were still inside the blonde.

They both came down from their pleasurable high, panting for air and collapsing in one another’s arms. Rain withdrew her hand with a soft exclaim of “ohh” from Alice. She nuzzled into the sensitive skin of the blonde’s neck as the cloud lifted from their minds.

“Wow.” Alice breathed. She placed a kiss on the commando’s forehead as she continued her ministrations on the blonde’s neck. “Remind me to get you in danger more often.” Rain raised her head at Alice’s words. “The post disaster benefits are quite desirable.” The blonde grinned.

Rain laughed and they shared a slow sensual kiss. “The only danger I’m willing to get into is from going blind through too much fucking.” The commando ran her tongue over Alice’s lips, relishing her sweet taste.

“Hmm…” Alice began before rolling the pair of them over. “I like your idea of danger.” With that, she lowered her head and devoured the dark haired woman’s mouth.



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